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Trusted Optometry Services

No matter what your eye care needs are, our ultimate goal is to offer trusted optometry services and deliver an exceptional patient experience. We take the time to provide thorough eye exams and ocular disease management while focusing on your unique concerns.

With a wide variety of contact lenses and eyewear frames to choose from, we can help you see in style. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Trusted Optometry Services in Ogallala, NE

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Ogallala, NE

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We provide ocular health assessments for patients of all ages, from 1 day old to 100+ years old. We will check your vision and screen for any ocular diseases or underlying conditions.

Contact Lens Fittings in Ogallala, NE

Contact Lens Fittings

We will ensure that your contact lenses are the perfect fit. We have both soft and hard contact lenses for all vision needs, including far and nearsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus, and post-surgical eyes.

Ocular Disease Management in Ogallala, NE

Ocular Disease Management

We offer the detection and treatment of ocular conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, eye infections, dry eye, ocular allergies, eye injuries, keratoconus, diabetic eye disease, and more.

Pre and Post Operative Surgical Care in Ogallala, NE

Pre and Post Operative Surgical Care

Once we have determined the need for surgical eye care, we work closely with our referring ophthalmologists to ensure proper results and healing. We offer pre and post op surgical care for LASIK, Cataract Surgery, Corneal Transplantation, Retinal Surgery, and related operations.
Low Vision Services in Ogallala, NE

Low Vision Services

Our special in-office testing can determine the need for visual aids, such as handheld magnifiers, closed-circuit televisions, telescopes, large print books, and audio aids. These aids can help those afflicted with reduced vision perform daily activities (driving, cooking, reading, etc.) to the best of their abilities.

Glasses and Frames in Ogallala, NE

Glasses and Frames

We can help you look your best with the latest designer frames, including Oakley, Vera Bradley, Coach, and Kate Spade.